Peruvian Opal Crystalline Infusion

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The energies of the Peruvian Opal Crystalline Infusion work to create an energetic,vibrational frequency of light that moves through the Auric field. Opal is a reflective stone and as such will pick up thoughts and feelings from the user to amplify them so that they can return to Source. Open is also a mystical stone of Courage and Ingenuity. It is believed to help those who suffer with love self esteem and a lack of self love. It is also said to be an aid to Creativity and Communication of all types.

Peruvian Opal will:

* Stimulate Creativity.

* Help Ideas flow more Freely.

* Help us face our Future with Comfort and Optimism.

* Release Stress

* Soften Stress from Outside Influences.

* Helps Insomnia.

* Quietens the Mind

* Comforts the Soul.

* Helps with Astral Travel.

* Improve Psychic Abilities.

We all have a Stong need to know who we are, we each have a History, our Life Story of how we came to be where we are today. Our Self Identity is formed from our own unique experiences in life, how we have overcome Life’s Obstacles, how we perceive the world around us and those we share our lives with. We are constantly changing and evolving, taking on new information all of the time. Part of this process of Self Awareness is sifting through all of this information and keeping only that which serves our Highest and Greatest good.

With this new System of Energy work you will:

* Work through the 3 Steps to Self Awareness.

* Consciously Co-create with the 5 Part Cycle of Awareness.

* Learn about Peruvian Opal Properties.

* Learn how to work with the energy.

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