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Sole Wolf Journey is also the Journey of the Soul. Sole Wolf Journey Reiki includes a reiki attunement to connect you to your Sole Wolf as well as supplying you with a Guided Meditation that you can use after you have received your attunement. This Guided Meditation is given to help you journey with your Sole Wolf. There are times in each of our lives when we might find ourselves on a Journey that has to be made alone which can at times feel very Lonely. It can be a Frightening Prospect and at times almost Unbearable, but we must at times follow our path like the Lone Wolf, Walking Alone but knowing that we have a Spiritual Companion by our side. Sole Wolf Journey is a Reiki Attunement that has been designed to help you on your path. This path may be a path that takes you through a Personal and Life Changing Period of Transformation or it may be a path that takes you on a Spiritual Journey of Self Discovery and Awakening. Many Healers and Lightworkers struggle with feelings of Isolation and Loneliness. The Spiritual Path can be an Overwhelming one paved with feelings of Self Doubt and Fear. Sole Wolf understands you and offers you Guidance and Strength in times of need, Encouraging you to listen to your Heart and to follow your Instincts. 

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