The Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment

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The Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment has been channeled to help you clear away all forms of non serving energy programs that originate within the subconscious mind. In doing this, you are given the chance to move forward on your spiritual and life’s path while reducing all negative repetitive actions, emotions and thoughts. There are 2 aspects of your mind, these are the Conscious and Subconscious. You are aware of your conscious mind every day because it is part of the mind that you use to activate intention, create manifestation and work towards spiritual abundance which affects your ability to move forward on your life’s path. There is however a sticking point which is that the conscious mind only makes up 10% of the brain so even if you do use the fullness of your conscious mind, you are only using a small portion of your minds potential.

The Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment works to clear these non-serving mind programs allowing you to move forward while also reducing negative repetitive actions, reactions, emotions and thoughts. The energies will also work to raise your personal vibration with the aim of connecting with your personal vitality, well-being and personal alignment. This helps you with the removal of negative subconscious programs while restoring positive programs that can be built upon. The energies aim to reduce any fear-based vibrations of the future, which allows you to better focus on and use intention to create the life you want without it being filled with fear. This attunement is also open-ended which means that as you progress and grow the energies will change to support your needs at that time.

Within the Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment you will learn about the following and much more:

* Introduction to the Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment.

* Four Secrets of the Subconscious Mind.

* The Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment Energy Functions.

* The Subconscious Clearing Re-Alignment Intention Functions.

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