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The Witch Magick Lightwork Program has been channeled to help you work with the energies of Magick and the Universal Creative Source Energies. This is a very simple system to work with that contains 1 symbol which has been created to quickl and easily help you to connect with the energies.

There are also 3 Attunements to the Witch Magick Lightwork Program:

Level 1 – Protection

Level 2 – Empowerment

Level 3 – Healing

Each attunement has been created to build the energy and expand into the next so that your Personal Power and Energetic Alignment becomes Stronger and more effective as you grow within your spiritual life and work with them on a daily basis. Witch Magick LightWork Program reaches beyond the limitations of Mind, Body & Spirit to focus on giving you the power to become a true Magickal and Empowered Individual as you transform into a Spiritual Being of Magick and Light. The energies of this system are easy to use and very powerful. They will also help to bring intense feelings of Self Confidence and Positive Attitudes as you work with them. They will not automatically bring these attributes to you. You must work with them to experience the blessings! You are given easy and practical methods of using Magick and Lightwork for Protection, Empowerment and Healing for yourself and others.

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