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This modality appears to combine aspects of energy healing, Reiki, and spiritual practices, integrating the energies of Durga and cosmic forces for comprehensive healing and protection. As with any spiritual practice, individual experiences and interpretations may vary. If you have specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask!

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Author: Clara Mariaka


 “Durga Cosmic Reiki,” which involves connecting with the energy and symbolism of the Hindu goddess Durga for empowerment, strength, and healing. This modality is designed to address various spiritual challenges, including psychic attacks, attachments, entity possessions, implants, and curses. Let’s break down the key elements:

  1. Goddess Durga:

    • Representation: Goddess of true spiritual empowerment and strength.
    • Divine Feminine: Embodies the divine feminine within all things.
    • Defeating Evil: Known for defeating evil forces when others were unable to.
  2. Purpose of Durga Cosmic Reiki:

    • Overcoming Spiritual Battles: Helps individuals overcome spiritual battles and psychic attacks.
    • Healing Starseeds: Specifically designed to heal Starseeds dealing with post-traumatic syndrome from abductions, surgical procedures, and psychic implants.
  3. Modalities and Components:

    • Attunement Upgrade: Channeling an attunement upgrade for healing Starseeds.
    • Channeled Information: Manual includes information on Maha Durga, her mantras, yantra, and the Durga Cosmic Reiki symbol.
    • Cosmic and Earth Energies: Works with the forces of the Cosmic (Blue Ray) and aligns with the force of Mother Earth (Red Ray) for interdimensional healing.
    • Healing through Rays: Addresses aspects of the divine self in parallel dimensions, planets, or star systems using Red, Blue, and Purple Rays for alignment, balance, and clearing.
  4. Healing Focus:

    • Psychic Attack: Addresses psychic attacks.
    • Spiritual Attachment: Deals with spiritual attachments.
    • Entity Possession: Aims to heal entity possession.
    • Psychic Implants: Targets psychic implants.
    • Curses: Works to clear curses.


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