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Sekhem Heka was channeled in 2008 by Storm Constantine who sadly passed away earlier this year. It was an honour to be part of the Sekhem Heka journey with Storm and this will be a system that I will always treasure as being part of my ongoing connection with the Egyptian deities and Sacred Energies 
In Ancient Egypt, sekhem literally meant ‘power’ or ‘might’. The term applied to gods and goddesses and was often part of the titles of pharaohs and queens. The sekhem scepter carried by rulers and important officials was a physical representation of their earthly power. In recent years, the word sekhem has been reinterpreted to mean the energy of a healing system named after it, but that meaning is of modern not ancient origin. Sekhem, in its modern sense, is a form of healing that derives from a system called Seichim, which itself is partly a derivative of Reiki. Originally, the word Heka meant ‘magic’ or ‘magical power’, and it was also the name of a god who presided over magic. 
This system of healing and self-development derives from Storm’s experience in the healing systems Reiki and Seichim and also in magical practices inspired by Ancient Egypt. Sekhem Heka is a system that incorporates energy healing as well as a structured series of rituals and path workings, focusing upon the energy centers of the body and associated Egyptian god forms. Storm formulated the system for a number of reasons. Primarily, she has a great interest in the goddess Sekhmet as do I and other Egyptian god forms, and have worked with their energy for many years. Once Storm became a Reiki Teacher and discovered Seichim/Sekhem, she was pleased to discover that some Teachers had combined energy healing with Egyptian symbolism, and was keen to go down that path herself. Secondly, as Reiki initiation paves the way for self-development, Storm wanted to provide a system for her magical students whereby they could combine their studies. 
You do not have to be attuned to Reiki or Seichim to be able to use most of the Sekhem Heka system but for those unfamiliar with the term, an attunement is a short procedure, performed by a Teacher who has taken the highest, often called Master Degree of an energy healing system. Attunements are the core of the majority of healing models based on Reiki and its derivatives, during which a person becomes enabled to channel universal life energy (chi or ki) through their body. Thus, the energy they utilise is not their own; it is universal energy channeled through them. It neither exhausts nor depletes you as you work with it. Anybody, whether they’ve been attuned to an energy healing system or not, can perform the meditations and rituals of this system and acquire the benefits from them. 

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